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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 | 7:32 AM | 0 BlackWhite

heyy,,aq bh0san nyh,,xtaw na bwd ap,,kta bwd p r crita,,j0m tng0k at bwh,,

ISTERI : abg,abg curang dgn sya kan..

SUAMI : x r,,mna ad,,

ISTERI : tipu lah,,mlm smalam abg kluar kan

SUAMI : ya la,,abg kluar g kdai kjp jea,,

ISTERI : yea lah tue,,smlam syg c0l npa suara p0mpuan yg jwb,,bwd ckp org puteh buleyh..

SUAMI : aik,,ap p0mpuan tu ckp,,

ISTERI : ceh,,buat x tau plak,,

SUAMI : ap dy ckp ?

ISTERI :  PLEASE TRY LATER ,, tut tut ____

SUAMI :!@#$%^&*()&%&#@$%$$#%^&&$#?><:":{

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